Sunday, March 05, 2006

Saturday paper pickings

The Australian had a nice article on Begg-Smith. Interesting that the Canadian Olympic bureaucracy makes such demands on their athletes but Australia was ready to turn a blind eye to Begg Smith's extracurricular activities. We didn't have much to loose but the Canadians need to have the discipline to sustain the quality across of the whole team. Or is the Canadian reputation for bureaucracy deserved? Begg Smith said: "For Australia, the No 1 thing is results. Results speak higher than anything else." I'm not sure we should take that as a complement. It reads to me like we're weak, easily lead and focussed on the short term and on the appearance of success. That's all probably true. Look at the AWB. It would also seem to be pretty much the way of the modern world. I liked the claim reported in the article that one of Begg Smith's domains infected your computer with pop-ups then has a pop-up advertising software that kills pop-ups. "Which is like me breaking into your house and then selling you a burgular alarm.

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