Monday, May 14, 2007


It's interesting being in a country that doesn't have dual flush toilets, and seems to only have dot ca, no dot com, or dot org, or dot anything else, just a simple declarative .ca. And they are so very very polite - almost shockingly so. So much more polite than there compatriots across the border. Bob Andersen, my Black Hills partner, explained that the Americans are brought up to believe in the individual and the Canadians are brought up to believe in the group and supporting the group.

If you're looking for an interesting hotel in Toronto let me recommend the Drake. It's on Queen Street, a long street that is like Gertrude St and Brunswick St combined into one long street. And just behind the Drake is the Portuguese district - I hadn't appreciated that the fourth language in Toronto is Portuguese.

It's not all a bed of roses of courses - the news is describing the outrage of a man who brutally cut off the ears of his dog with a kitchen knife or hacksaw - "in a brutal attempt to make him look meaner".

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