Saturday, February 02, 2008

coded words

I was reading a newspaper article by an author who praised her editor for saying, when asked about whether the author should make a change to keep her American publisher happy, "This is your decision, what you change or don't change. I always say, it's your name on the book not mine." And the author went on to say that's why she loved her editor.

Now my understanding is that the editor has just used an old editorial saw meaning: don't be an idiot make the change, but if you want to be an idiot, it's your name on the book not mine, and that's the name that people will remember." Its a comment often used as a an editorial rejection of further responsibility and therefore a warning.

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jonathan said...

I love it when words can mean such different things depending on your perspective, or on what you want to hear.

Thanks for the inside line.