Tuesday, May 20, 2008

slang & CJ

'slang is the illegitimate sister of poetry, and if an illegitimate relationship is the nearest
I can get I am content'

C J Dennis


BLC said...

"Slang is the language of today."


BLC said...
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Andrew's black dog blog said...

which means …? I'd like to hear more.
& at what stage does slang turn into cliche?

BLC said...

Slang is the language of today. Discuss.

To the youth, the youthful minded or the "wannabe" youth, slang IS the language of today.

There is an imediacy to it which gives the users a sense of belonging.

There is no time for it to become a cliche, as it is ever evolving, and is usually topic specific.

If you speak to a skater boy, with no concept of the slang belonging to that area, you will neither comprehend the jargon or the meaning behind the message trying to be conveyed.

Slang is the language of today, as we see our dictionaries trying to include common "slang terminlogy" in an effort to remain relevant themselves.

To me, the cliches are the phrases us older people like to throw about trying to pigeon hole the usage and the users.

The term "slang" itself does not adequately convey the importance of the language in respect to the users, and the term cliche is not understood by some of them.............

What is a cliche? Why should we determine that some aspects of language carry this negative connotation?

Are cliches actually small generalisations??

"Generalisations must come from somewhere, they are usually based on wide belief that there is some truth in the statement."