Thursday, July 03, 2008


There's a lot of greenwash slopping around (including a bit among publishers - the best contribution would in some cases just not to publish that unnecessary bit of consumer flummery that no-one really benefits from). The best example of greenwashing I've come across recently is the Marbig Enviro Box - just the same old cardboard box - it's just as recyclable as the Strong Archive Box and the Super Strong Archive Box, which are also in the Marbig lines,, and made from just as much recycled board (100%) -  but excitingly it's been given a new environmental friendly name.


carmsmars said...

Yes...I do think marketers think consumers are stupid not to notice these things. Or maybe there are people out there that just take for granted that the written word is the truth. Hmmmmm... I wonder.

BLC said...

Don't you just love that??!!

Any body else ready to jump on board the "bandwagon express?"

Andrew's black dog blog said...

I guess it's all about marketing. Selling the sizzle rather than the sausage. I'm wondering whether carbon trading will enhance that effect - people appearing to do something. It will be difficult to stop the rorts.