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warm reception to Lili's Scatterheart in the UK

Lili Wilkinson's Scatterheart just missed being shortlisted in the Waterstone's prize but got some fabulous comments from Waterstone's booksellers:

I loved this book!! I was lucky enough to be allowed to read it first in our store as I had forgotten my book. I loved the convict/Australian story was superb and really enjoyed the fantasy tale running all the way through it. I thought the characters were complex, no two-dimmensional disney baddies with twirly moustaches here!

I enjoyed this book so much, that as soon as I had finished I wanted to share it with someone else, but also went straight on-line to see if it was available to buy from anywhere now. Want my own copy!!

Loved it! I thought the way that the tale of Scatterheart ran alongside the main story was great, the parallels were not too obvious but it did give the story a nice 'fairy-tale' feel. Great characters, great story - definately one for the shortlist!

I actually really really liked it, ending was a bit short though, but I loved how it didn't shy away from some issues.

Definately one for the shortlist . I love Historical novels and this did not disappoint .The parts in Newgate Gaol and on board ship were the best bits for me.The stories about Scatterheart were also fascinating .

A gritty (Celia Reesish ?) teen novel that somehow manages to be both intensely real, moving and compelling - but also manages to be this year's North Child. Or should that be South Child?

I really enjoyed this. The ending did feel a little flat but I loved the fairy tale and the story was so exciting that I started the first page and didn't put it down at all until I finished.
I loved this one too. I do understand some of the comments about the ending but I think it would have spoiled it if we had found out too much about what happened next.

A great read, has to be on the short list!

I loved this book, it really captured me.

One girl's adventure to find happiness, becomes a fairytale within a fairytale. A romantic story of love, power and elitism. Being a woman of quality isn't easy for 14 year old Hannah, however, making the right decisions in love is harder. after being made poor and put in jail, innocent though she is, she soon discovers a hardship that she never thought possible and would open her eyes to life and love.

With marvellous characters to love and hate and a capturing tale, this book will take you on a heartfelt journey.

This was wonderful!!!

Of what i have read so far to do with the prize this is my fave. adventure, love and characters you can't help but like.

I'll join in the praise! I thought it was a compelling read - especially on board the ship. I thought the characters were really well drawn and was terrified but fascinated by the way Hannah's life completely changed in a heartbeat. For me, 'Scatterheart' will be hard to beat!
Just found out Lili is the daughter of Carole Wilkinson who writes the Dragon Keeper series...
I really liked it, even though it's not something I'd normally choose to read, however the ending was a bit too brief

Was really not expecting to like this as it's not my usual kind of book, but I was thoroughly surprised by how much I took to it. Couldn't wait to keep reading it. So realistic and not at all shy about the grittier details of life. Only negative was the end which all seemed half-hearted and was a bit of a let down. But maybe that was the idea.

I absolutely loved this book! I couldn't put it down on my holiday last week. I can see where people are coming from with the ending, but I thought the rest of the book was so compelling that in a way it didn't matter. This one really deserves to be on the shortlist and I hope it makes it.

Love, love, loved it! A real journey in physical and emotional terms. I think the ending was spot on, I won't ruin it, but hopeful without being unrealistic. Definitely for fans of Celia Rees' wonderful Witch Child.

Rifling through the box, this was the book which first sparked my interest I waited a bit then launched into it. I will be very careful what I say because so far this book seems to have gathered a lot of admirers and there is nothing worse than having someone rubbish a book you love.

I didn't like Hannah at first but that was the point of her character development. She was much less self-centred and cold by the end

I'm gonna join the majority on this one too!
Thought it was fantastic and will definately put this on my shortlist choice.
It's well written, engaging, and gritty. I love reading stuff about Australian History (although I hated it when I was at school) Every other kids book I've ever read on this topic has skirted all the horrible nasty bits and I love that this didn't. This seems a very good contender.
This is another one taht I wanted to love, there is so little written about the convict trail to Australia that I thought I'd love it from the start.

As a teenager I know that I would have disliked the fairy tale element being mixed with the histoircal and would have wanted one or the other. I don't mind it so now but the book still left me feeling uncomfortable and to be honest a little grubby.

I'm from the exact area the book talks about. The representations are reasonably accurate - but we're talking fiction here so I'll let her off the hook with a few uh-ohs.

Spoiler alert: such a shame when Long Meg went - She was my favourite!

I liked the device of linking Hannah's story to Scatterheart's. I think Hannah's character was well and believably developed.

Loved Long Meg!

Just misses my top 9.

i loved it.
i liked the way that the characters developed for the reader when they developed for hannah: so i hated long meg first, then distrusted her then loved her. and james i thought was a bit of a saviour then he was a 1st class git. and thomas was beneath her then i knew she loved him and i loved how she grew and matured (earlier than her years, remember- if she'd stayed at home she'd have never learnt anything about anything!) i loved the interwoven fairytale (although, it meant nothing at all until she got on the ship and it started to unravel and keep her going through the rough bits). i thought that the captain was a nice man and that he knew she got full rations after the brig and he only had her head shaved so it didn't look like he favoured her. and james wasn't entirely bad, he just turned that way (rumour didn't help...) after hannah broke his heart.

ooh, and! i've read The Floating Brothel too (see acknowledgements) - it was ace, but full of naughty! (so i felt like i could fill in the gaps that naive hannah couldn't...)
shame The Hunger Games has to win, this could have been a contender.

I really enjoyed this book. The mixture of fairy tale and gritty history worked so well. I was enchanted by Hannah's journey all the way through (and polar bears are my favourite animal!) Definitely one for the shortlist.

This was a quality bit of storytelling and if anything is going to give 'Hunger Games' a run for its money - it's this. Proper period writing [literally], infectious characters [literally]...stop me someone please! Hey i just really enjoyed this and this has been another story set on a boat that's been great.

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