Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Who's bigger Harry or Stephanie?

The Harry Potter series have sold over 400 million copies and the Twilight series has sold over 50 million. Harry, with seven books in the series, was first published in 1997 (11 years ago) and Twilight, with four book in the series - the last was published in 2005 just three years ago. The last Harry Potter was published in 2005 and the last Stephanie Meyer was published last year, and not in the first half. Twilight as a franchise is looking like it is even bigger than Harry.

Will the next mega-YA/crossover/fantasy series be even bigger?

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Steph Bowe said...

One thing which annoys me about hugely popular fantasy/teen crossover series is the fact that often they're nowhere near as good, as well written, as other books I've read that have had very little success.

I can think of a lot of authors who write a lot better than Stephenie Meyer, but randomly she's the one whose books take off.

Honestly, I think the Harry Potter series is better than the Twilight saga, though I'm not a fan of either. J.K. Rowling's characters actually grew and changed, whereas Stephenie Meyer's characters sat around and were angsty and sparkly, and the main female character's motivations were only to procreate and be entirely dependent on another person.

It's pretty bizarre.