Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Gorgeous new Fitzroy graffiti appears overnigh

I drive down Marion Lane every day on my way to work and this morning as I swung around the corner into Marion Lane these visual treats appeared - as if by magic. It's a graffiti style I've not seen before - lovely brushstrokes, and a lovely freehand used in constructing the images.

From Melbourne, the Australia's graffiti capital!


Eliza Boans said...

oh wow, that kinda looks... purdy... usually I hate graffiti! I mean, our council spends a fortune removing graffiti done by the povos on our walls, it's like, sooo gross. but this is cute mebe because it is pink :))

Andrew's black dog blog said...

Eliza, I reckon too much graffiti is like done by lads, but this guy is like an artist, pretty much.

Eliza Boans said...

I would like so never associate with boys like that,but mebe if one drew me a pink doggy thing i might like it :) a pink dog nook lol