Sunday, August 15, 2010


I reckon that kids like to get away from the screen to read a book. Screens are for homework, games and social media. A book is picked up for an escape from that environment. Comment?


sophie said...

My son (7) and his friends would spend as much time with the screen as they're allowed to. Print books are 'work' unless someone else is reading to them! (although picture books are in a different category especially ones that make a noise!). They also think that a computer, a TV, an iphone and a nintendo DS are completely different, and not (as I do) that they're all screens (therefore I limit his time on them collectively). Maybe this will change as they get older and have to do more computer work for school?

Andrew's black dog blog said...

Interesting. I'm going to ask my kids what they think or "screens". They're a little older than your son - = arguably the last of the print gen. Sophie. I'm assuming he's yet to be an independent reader. When he becomes one will he be reading on a device, I wonder. Sound like he may well be. Is he then typical of his age group?