Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The coming Cloud

I am filled with astonishment by the coming changes the cloud will make to the way the next generation thinks, and possesses things. Just as our expenditure has shifted since say 1900 from owning goods to buying services, no longer will we (generally) feel the need to have more than a subscription, a right to access, what we want to use. That's what will happen to a good proportion of the coming generation. They won't own music or books they'll have the right to access their online services that will be showing them their slice, their library, of music and books and software and news and whatever else. It will be a seismic shift in thinking. People will have instantaneous access to a far greater range of information and culture and entertainment. You want to listen to something , you won't even have to wait for it to download. Same for books and news and of course social interaction. I can't imagine how that will alter the wetware, though it will,

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