Wednesday, May 25, 2011

ebook market is very US-centric

One thing that has come through loudly and clearly to me while being in New York for BEA (I am Australian) is that the ebook market looks very different when you are standing on US soil. The ebook market is very US centric at the moment, and maybe will always be so. To give an example of the difference in the ebook markets, we have no Nook, we have no Barnes and Noble. That makes a difference as the Nook is 27% or so (the figures are rubbery) of the market here. Another example? The Blio is only available to those with a US credit card! Another? I wanted to look at an innovative Random House picture book this morning but when I went to do so, I was told that it was not available on the Australian iTunes Store, whence the link eventually routed me to. The internet is global but the markets are not necessarily so - or not yet. (That said: the ebook options offered from the Googles and the Amazons opens up opportunity for those of us living offshore - whether we are publishers or authors. Through POD we can sell stock in the US, without having to have inventory here, if we wish to. Promoting a book so it will actually sell here is a totally different question, though.)

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MiracleWitness said...

It was a pleasure meeting you at Book Expo America. Best wishes for your continued success!
Ken Nowell
Vero House Publishing