Monday, June 20, 2011

Big News from Black Dog

It has been a big day, and now all the contracts are properly signed: Black Dog has now joined Walker Books Australia. Black Dog is now an imprint of Walker Books.

I am the publisher (and director) of Red Dog Books and of Wild Dog Books. Red Dog is our imprint for adult readers (that always sounds wrong but there is no other simpler way to put it). Red Dog is being distributed by Dennis Jones and Associates. Wild Dog is packaging and publishing photographic non-fiction for young readers. It is the imprint we have been using in the US for those books.

Maryann is working with Walker as the publisher of the Black Dog imprint.

So exciting times. Walker is the perfect place for Black Dog's authors and illustrators. It is a like-minded imprint and this is an opportunity for the list to grow.

I would like to thank all the terrific people I have worked with, both those clever and creative people who have, and are, working within the kennel and those clever and creative people who were outhouse. I have learned a huge amount and there is yet more to learn.

So it has been a big day.


Sue Lawson said...

A huge day, AK. Congratulations and more importantly thank you for all you have done for me and allowed me to do. Working with Maryann will be great, but I shall miss those questions!
Continued success in all you do! See you soon!!

lilismum said...

It feels strange after 15 years (has it really been that long?), a bit like moving out of home, but I'm glad the black dog authors will still be together. Looking forward to working with MAB.
Sue, I will miss AK's comments such as "This needs more braiding" and "Needs more flavour"!