Sunday, July 30, 2006

Mongrel Punts is on its way

Red Dog, black dog's new little-sister imprint, launches it's first book tomorrow night at Readings: Paula Hunt and Glen Manton's Mongrel Punts and Hardball Gets: An A-Z of Footy Speak. Thanks to Chartri and Blue Boat, the book is looking gorgeous, and thanks to my foolishness it is a beautiful jacketed hardback. So encourage your friends to buy, buy, buy.

Among my favourite definitions: Shellacking - A good old-fashioned pasting, a sound thrashing, a beating of significant proportions, a hidig. a drubbing, a caning. To cop a hiding. To deliver a shellacking is to wipe the floor with them.

Favourite nickname Galloping Gasometer (Mick Nolan, North Melbourne)

One of my favourite quotes: "Don't just kick it, Boskick it."


ephemera said...

hello - just found this by googling - i received my copy of mongrel punts in the mail today and i must congratulate you : the designer has done a fab job and it is a real book, i mean it's a solid and beautiful object being a hard back and of course it's full of interesting (and hilarious) stuff about footy - thanks for having the courage to publish it, at all, and in such a wonderful format ! the perfect christmas present for every literate footy fan!!

Andrew's black dog blog said...

Go Joh! - that's exactly what we had in mind - "the perfect christmas present for every literate footy fan."