Saturday, August 05, 2006

Boot studder contribution to Mongrel Punt

Here's my boot-studding contribution for the next edition of Mongrel Punts:

"I'll tell you what happens. The boot studder does the boot studding. The doctors do the doctoring. The coaches do the coaching," Denis Pagan, Carlton coach.

Could anybody tell me what a boot studder really does?


Perry Middlemiss said...

Back in the days when football boots had high-ankle coverage and steel toe-caps, the studs (or sprigs) in the sole were nailed into place. This practice changed when the studs were screwed in rather than hammered. Now we have molded-sole boots which are probably thrown away if a stud breaks off.

The boot-studder was football's equivalent of a farrier, now relegated to the job of cleaning. It's a wonder it hasn't been outsourced somewhere.

Andrew's black dog blog said...

Thanks for the enlightenment. So Denis was in fact wrong. Boot studders no longer do boot studding, they only clean boots.

Perry Middlemiss said...

I would have thought so. It's hard to be a boot-studder when there ain't no studs.