Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Worth a look if you're interested in cover design

especially Mark Melnick's comments below. Penguin US with a $0 design budget?!


Pizza said...

Excuse me Mr. Kelly,

Sorry to bother you but I was wondering, How old would you have to be to become an author?

I am fairly young and I hope to one day write a book worth publishing by the end of my youth.

I haven't written one yet but it would just be interesting to know that I could when I am older.

Thank you,


Andrew's black dog blog said...

There's no specific age, Charlotte McConaghy who's book The Arrival, which we will be publishing early next year was 16 when she wrote it. So give it a go. Usually it takes quite a few drafts to get it right.

Pizza said...

Cool, Thanks for that.