Tuesday, September 01, 2009

what they're reading

We're behind in ebook development as we lack a ereader with wide appeal — neither the Kindle not the Sony Reader is available here.

We're the slowest of the major English language markets to adopt digital books. People can read on their phones or on a laptop or desktop (none of which is that flash as a reading experience) but not yet on dedicated reader.

So its interesting to see what they're reading on the other side of the Pacific where the market is more developed.


Christopher Miles said...

Nick Cave's _Death of Bunny Munro_ is currently awaiting approval by Apple as an iPhone app. There's a preview on the publisher's website.

If I was in the market for an e-reader, it'd be hard for me to go past the iPhone, if only because it would mean I wouldn't have to carry another device around.


Andrew's black dog blog said...

I take the point about not having to carry another device but the iPhone screen is too small for me unless I have nothing else to read.