Wednesday, April 26, 2006

ASA article - Jeremy Fisher

I enjoy reading the Australian Author and am enjoying the latest magazine. Jeremy Fisher's column (next to a useful guide to blogging, which made the whole spread satisfying) was interesting reading. We'd also heard to that authors had been concerned about the long wait for royalty cheques, and it's always a worry when another independent seems to be struggling. Of more interest though was the Michael Heyward and Text's solution of entering an economic alliance with Canongate as part of a strategy to ensure Text remains viable as an independent - "Basically, Text needs an international partner to help it gain authors from overseas as well as acting as an outlet for Australian authors in Europe." That was food for thought. Are we viable now? Well all the indicators are positive. But what's required to be viable in the long run? Certainly growth and a bigger list and we're doing that. Is there a similar strategic alliance in children's books? That's is really food for thought. And it's interesting how Text feels it's essential to bring in authors from overseas. That doesn't seem to have the same imperative in children's books but why shouldn't it - certainly food for thought as well. Text does such an impressive job they're well worth watching.

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