Thursday, April 13, 2006

The Turning - completed

I've just finished Tim Winton's The Turning. A pleasure I'd been putting off to enjoy it the more. It was a Good Friday gift to myself. And it was better than expected.
Just of a few of the lines that appealed to me over the length of the book:
"The valley was thick with wandoo and marri and beneath the trees the scrub sprouted tiny darting birds and a blur of insects. The bush smelt tart, peppery. everything looked blue in the late afternoon night."
"For him, the building code was a branch of Calvinism perfected by the omission of divine mercy. His life was a quest to reveal flaws, disguised conventions, greed and human failure.
"They came into the jarrah forest, a wall of grey on either side of the road, and the air was cool and sharp with the smell of eucalyptus."
Before finishing I started Brokeback Mountain - I'm enjoying but not in the same way or to the same depth and The Turning. Maybe if I was from Wyoming.

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