Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Bad Faith interview

The Susan Johnson interview with Carmen Callil in The Age on Saturday was terrific. To pluck a quote: "Melbourne lies at Callil's very centre. Melbourne made her: she is a very specific product of a very specific time and place, in the sense that the city produced both Germaine Greer and Barry Humphries during the same period it produced Carmen Callil. Seekers, mavericks all, each shares a sharp nose for mendacity and cant and all three, in their different ways, have made their careers on it. " I'm looking forward to reading Bad Faith (great title).

And I also liked this quote from Callil: "When I first went into publishing it was inefficient, like an old orange cart on wheels, and now it's like of a sort of streamlined, worldwide thing. I think it's fabulous."

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