Sunday, October 29, 2006


It was entertaining watch the ARIA awards. The whole thing was a lot of fun and nicely Australian. A couple of personal thoughts:
The Hill Top Hoods: who thanked the stations who played Australian music becasue they wanted to not because they legislatively had to.
Bernard Fanning: "a creative artist needs self-doubt" statement. Food for thought.
I wondered what the definition of independent was, and how it stacked up against the way it is used in the book trade (both for bookshops and publishers).
Liked the "breakthrough" awards.
Congrats to Eskimo Joe among others: Nice work guys.

Maybe we can have book awards that match the style of these one day.

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lee said...

Yeah, I was so glad when they won as well - their single was certainly the stand out. Watching them perform last night has made me get the album out today for a listen for the first time in ages. Also enjoyed the combo of pete murray and john mayer -good stuff!