Sunday, October 15, 2006


I went to see the Geoffrey Wright's Macbeth with my friend Chris. Fabulous production values. Very gritty and sexily grubby as you expected from Geoffrey Wright. And I was delighted by the idea of Macbeth being translated to Melboune. And it was very Melbourne. But for me I didn't enjoy it as much as I was trying to. I was always one step behind the actors figuring out the dialogue and for Shakespeare to work as a production I've got to be in it.

Chris who is in the film industry says that we lack the gravitas as actors. The English can somehow pull it off and who knows what the magic ingredient is. Heritage? Voice projection? (There's just too much shouting in Australian production of Shakespeare for my taste.)

Yet we do fabulous of humor + tragedy - in films like Kenny and Priscilla. We need dry, laconic and ironic


Anonymous said...

I saw How To Suceed in Business Without Really Trying at the Whitehorse Theatre. It was fabulous, and professional. I do wonder however, after seeing A Chorus Line at Whitehorse earlier in the year (dreadful American accents)whether there are some very good Australian stage musicals. It would be refreshing not to hear overwrought Australian 'strine' versions of American accents.

Andrew's black dog blog said...

The strine version is nasty I agree. It sounds so apologetically semi-American.