Thursday, December 28, 2006

Vegemite says no

We're doing an Aussie A-Z with the fabulous Heath McKenzie, following on from the mighty The Australian Twelve Days of Christmas.Our A-Z is due out in May. It is one of those childrens books that adults will adore as well

Under "V" we wanted to display Vegemite. Kraft said no! We thought it would have been excellent product placement - so we were surprised, very surprised when the firm "no" came back. Vegemite is now American owned. Would we have got a more sympathetic hearing if it was Australian owned? And Vegemite is also now happens to be a banned import into the US.


Michael said...
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Michael said...

What did you go with in the end? Victa?

Andrew's black dog blog said...

Hi Michael,

We haven't finally decided by Victa looks like a very good candidate.


Bren MacDibble said...

I blogged Vegemite back in October too ( )

You can actually buy Vegemite in the US... you just can't import it because the importers are all pedantic about added folates.

Folates apparently are bad... this is from the nation that invented Deep Fried Coke Balls!

Andrew's black dog blog said...

Deep fried coke balls - without added folate. A great treat! Thanks for the added information.